Cool Tricks You Can Teach Your Bird

teach your bird

Every bird lover wants the world to know how smart and special their feathered friends are. A great way to show off your bird’s talents is to teach him some cool tricks that will impress everyone who sees him. At first glance, it may seem difficult to train your bird, but if you start with the fun and easy tricks described below, you’ll be amazed at how easy it can be to teach your bird cute tricks that will delight onlookers of all ages. Just remember that time, practice and patience are the keys to your bird’s success.

Teach your bird the “Stand up” command

The “get up” command is the most valuable and basic command you can teach your pet and one that all pet birds should know. Many bird tricks require the parrot to know the “get up” command. Therefore, you must teach your bird this trick at the beginning of training. Not only will it help you teach your bird more impressive maneuvers, but it can also be useful in teaching your bird to step forward during vet visits, cage cleaning, and many other aspects of bird care. If you haven’t already, make time to work with this important command as soon as possible.

Teach your bird to greet you

Once your bird has mastered the “stand up” command, you can teach him a very cute and fun trick: greeting! Teaching your bird to wave is one of the quickest and easiest tricks you can teach your pet, and it’s an adorable behavior for any bird. Just remember to make sure your bird knows how to kick and make sure you have plenty of treats nearby so you can reward your feathered friend for his success at trick training.

Teach your bird to talk

One of the parrots’ oldest and most popular tricks is their ability to learn to speak human words. There are many different methods and techniques for teaching a parrot to speak, but a good rule of thumb is that patience and repetition are the most efficient methods for coaxing parrots to speak. Keep in mind that not all parrot species have the ability to mimic words, and for those that can, individual birds may not have mastered this yet. Approach your bird’s training with a positive and hopeful attitude, and with enough practice, your pet may one day surprise you with an extensive vocabulary. Maybe he’ll even talk on the phone or sing.

Teach your bird the Potty train

Some people will tell you that it’s impossible to toilet-train a bird, and literally, it is. However, you can reliably toilet-train your bird on command in a location you designate, and it’s much easier than it sounds. Once you feel comfortable with performing training sessions with your pet, you can try some of these training methods with your feathered friend.

Create your bird tricks with clicker training

Clicker training is one of the most recognized and widely used training methods for animals of all species, types, shapes, and sizes. It uses positive reinforcement, which has been shown to improve knowledge retention between training sessions and is based on the concepts of classical conditioning. The really fun thing about training a bird with the clicker is that you can basically invent your bird tricks from scratch, and then use clicker conditioning to teach your bird any command you can imagine. Try it with your parrot and see what fun and amazing tricks your bird can perform.

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