5 Facts About Parrotlet


Small birds have always been popular as pets, but in recent years one particular species has seen an astronomical rise in popularity. We are talking, of course, about the charming and adorable parrot. Highly intelligent, affectionate, and undeniably cute, these little birds have made their way into the homes and hearts of bird lovers around the world.

What is a parrotlet?

The parrotlet, which belongs to the Psittacidae family, is the smallest parrot species. There are several parrotlet breeds – including Pacific parrots, green-rumped parrots, Mexican parrots, and spectacled parrots – which usually have green plumage and sometimes have mutations such as blue and yellow.

Parrots form close bonds with their owners and make excellent pets when properly raised and tamed. Below is some important information about these adorable birds, and you may decide to add a parrot to your family.

Some can learn to talk

Although they are very small birds, some parrots can learn to talk, and some of them develop quite an impressive vocabulary for a bird their size. Although there is no guarantee that a parrot will do more than just chirp or squeak, it never hurts to teach it. A word of warning: you can only be sure of getting a bird that can talk if you adopt a bird that can already talk, so don’t rush into adopting a parrot expecting it to be a little chatterbox.

The smallest birds in the family

Yes, these tiny birds are real parrots. Parakeets are the smallest birds in the parrot family, even smaller than budgies! It may surprise many, but the parakeet’s closest relative is the large and impressive Amazon parrot, which may explain many of the behavioral characteristics of these tiny birds. They also resemble their larger cousins in appearance, which is why many people affectionately refer to them as “pocket parrots.”

They have a long life span

They may be small birds, but parrots can live a very long time. On average, a well cared for parrot will live up to 20 years, but many live as long as 30 years. For this reason, those who want to adopt a parrot must be willing and able to invest a lot of time in caring for the animal. They are pets that, if everything goes well, will live for a long time.

They have a strong personality

Parrots have big personalities and don’t let their size stop them when it comes to playing and interacting with their owners and other birds. Those who keep parrots as pets often report that they have lively, sassy personalities that seem too big for their small bodies. Parrot owners need to spend time with their parrots every day and provide them with plenty of entertainment opportunities. Otherwise, the birds may become bored and prone to destructive behavior. If the parrot is properly trained from the beginning, it can develop into a loving, well-behaved pet.

They are extremely active

Parrots are extremely active birds in the wild, spending countless hours a day in flight, searching for food and protecting themselves from predators. In captivity, their owners must do their best to give them as much exercise as they would as wild birds. Although this may seem difficult, there are many creative ways to provide birds with exercise. In addition to exercise, captive parrots need lots of social interaction with their owners to thrive. So anyone interested in adopting a parrot should make sure they can play with their bird for three to four hours a day.

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